WAV4 Double Bass - SALE - LAST PIECES IN STOCK - Wednesday, January 24, 2018
Dear Costumers,
We would like to inform that stock WAV4 Double Bass for fire-sale prices has been reduced. We offer last three pieces - 2 in solid black gloss and 1 in amberburst gloss. The amberburst is offered for extra 10% discount due to cosmetic problems in lacquer and fingerboard. If you are interested, please request pictures and more details by e-mail: We will be happy to complete the order for you.
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James “Hutch” Hutchinson - Monday, June 12, 2017

James “Hutch” Hutchinson is respected far and wide for his musical versatility and long experience playing with top-tier acts. After taking some classes at the Berklee College of Music while gigging in bands around Boston, the 17 year old decided to head out west to the San Francisco Bay Area. He jumped at opportunities to play on sessions with Link Wray’s band and with Grateful Dead drummer Mickey Hart which lead to an opportunity to join the Quicksilver Messenger Service spin-off Copperhead, all this before he turned 20 years old.

When their album failed to find an audience the band broke up and Hutch left for Guatemala for what he expected to be just a three week visit. Three weeks turned into a year which allowed Hutch to immerse himself in Latin American culture and rhythms. Returning to the US with his Latin Jazz Fusion band The Point, Hutch got an offer to play in The Neville Brothers Band. While playing with the Neville Brothers he was introduced to Bonnie Raitt and in 1983 moved to Los Angeles to join her band after her original bassist dropped out right before she was scheduled to go on tour.

In the intervening 30 plus years, Hutch has made significant contributions to Bonnie’s sound and has co-written some of her tunes along the way. In an interview with Bass Player Magazine Hutch recalls, “Bonnie calls me her ‘musical ranger’ because I bring in all of these different influences. It’s not just that I’ve listened well and learned to play different styles, it’s that I’ve spent time living and working with the players in those communities. There are musicians in various parts of the world—blues players, country guys, even African musicians—who think of me as their style of musician. They may not even be aware of other styles I play.”

Fellow NS artist Tony Levin sums up Hutch’s musical versatility and impact on Bonnie’s records for Bass Player Magazine: “Hutch Hutchinson has never played a wrong note for Bonnie Raitt. He’s perfect for her songs.”
NS Design founder and creator Ned Steinberger with Hutch Hutchinson
Hutchinson uses a variety of basses to bring the best tone and feel to his music. For songs requiring versatility in upright sound, Hutch loves NS Design’s CR Omni Bass. Ned Steinberger created the Omni Bass to connect the sound and feel of the electric bass guitar with its familiar 34" scale and TransRadius™ fingerboard with the tonal purity, voice and bowed or plucked response of the classic upright bass. The Omni bridges both worlds. It’s a portable and adaptable innovation that has opened up new worlds of sonic versatility and physical freedom for so many musicians like Hutch.

Hutch’s favorite go-to upright on the current Dig In Deep tour is NS Design's high performance CR4M Upright Bass. It's as versatile as the CR Omni, including an active EQ and mixer, EMG™ magnetic pickups and Steinberger’s patented Polar™ Piezo Pickup System, and provides all the depth of sound that a full scale double bass commands. Hutch uses the CR4M with vintage Ampeg B-12, B-15's; and when in the studio, the B-18 combos or the classic Ampeg SVT808’s and 8X8 matching cabinets.

Here’s Bonnie Raitt and Co. covering a Bob Dylan classic “Million Miles” from her 2012 album Slipstream.

With headlining tour dates in May and June around the US, Bonnie, Hutch and Co. will also be joining fellow Massachusetts-native James Taylor in select US dates in August, with a very special performance on August 11th at historic Fenway Park, home of the Boston Red Sox. Check out all tour dates and related info at:

Learn more about James “Hutch” Hutchinson, NS Design Artists and NS Basses at


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NS Design Announces New WAV4 and WAV5 Electric Cello - Friday, May 12, 2017

NS Design is delighted to announce the arrival of the new NS WAVElectric Cello, the designed by Ned Steinberger. Both versions, the WAV44-string and WAV5 5-string, are priced to make acquisition of an NS easier thanever for the cellist ready to explore the world of electrics. Compactand light (4 pounds), the WAV cello is a pleasure to travel with, but in termsof features and performance, this instrument is no lightweight. The WAV sharesmany of the core features of our higher end NS models, including theexceptional tone capabilities of the Polar Pickup System, the ergonomic bodyconfiguration, the refined fingerboard design, and a set of highly versatileperformance support options.


The tonequality and dynamic range of the WAV cello owes much to the NS Design'sbattery-free passive Polar™ Pickup System, which fully delivers the rich soundspectrum of the strings. While the WAV beautifully captures the essence of anacoustic, this is a pure electric which offers the cellist significantadvantages when it comes to amplified performance. These include freedom fromfeedback (which often hampers amplified acoustics), the elimination of wolftones, effortless access to the full range of the fingerboard, and unparalleledfreedom of movement on stage. Moreover, since 100% of the sound comes via thepickup, using looping and other electronic effects in live performance is mucheasier and far more effective than with an amplified acoustic, where much ofthe unprocessed sound "leaks" out to the audience.

Next to the side-mounted volume andtone controls is a switch to toggle between the pickup system's arco andpizzicato mode. This is a feature which expands a player's sound pallet: usethe arco mode for a traditional acoustic response for bowing and for apercussive plucked sound, or switch to the pizzicato mode for uniquely even andsustained plucked sound.


The WAV's strong, solid body and thecarefully graduated fingerboard contribute to the rich, full tone that ringstrue for every note. The special asymmetrical fingerboard relief, a hallmark ofall NS bowed electrics, provides extraordinary ease of playability from thelowest to the highest positions. To suit individual player preferences, thestring heights can be modified via remarkably simple bridge height adjustment,and the fingerboard relief can be modified using the readily accessible trussrod.


The fully adjustable tripod standwhich is standard with the WAV cello can be used seated or standing. Theoptional Cello End Pin Stand provides the seated cellist familiar points ofthigh contact and position. The optional Boomerang™ Strap System and The FrameStrap System allow the cellist to stand up with full mobility for a newexperience of freedom and expression.

Please check models, specs and pictures in our cello section:

Availabe from June 2017 !!!

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Category B-Quality - Tuesday, May 9, 2017

All NS Design instruments, that you find on our e-shop, aremaintained with high total quality standards. But from time to time, theofficial distribution offers a list of B-Stock instruments that don´t meet thesestandards. The B-Stock „standards“ mean cosmetic or minor finish issues. Butthe playability and performance are identical to the new instruments.

If you’re interested in an exceptional deal and willing toconsider a great (but not perfect) instrument, we recommend to check our link here.where you will see the specs and pricing. You can place an order here too.

For more information or special requests on B-Stockinstruments please contact us by e-mail:

We will periodically update the B-Stock list so pleasebookmark the page to visit it in the future to check what´s new!

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CLEARANCE SALE ! - Tuesday, May 2, 2017
We would like to inform of the clearance sale of electric Omni Basses made by NS Design in 2013. The instruments were delivered directly from the manufacturer. These pieces were never endorsed or commissioned. There are fretted and fretless Omni Basses available. No cosmetic or technical problems. 100% music instrument for more affordable budget. More details at our section B-Quality and Sale!
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The NXT Series Goes Active and Stays Green! - Monday, May 1, 2017

It is our pleasure to announce the new NXTaActive series. This series represents the introduction of battery-free,high performance active electronics for the entire family of NXT instruments,including violin, viola, cello, Omni bass and double bass. Designed for NSDesign by Mi-Si Electronics, the new capacitor-powered custom circuitryintegrates with the NS Polar Pickup System to create a dual mode signal outputfor the NXTa, taking the convenience, versatility and extraordinary performancecapability of the NXT to an even higher level.
In Active mode - using the suppliedcharger, plug the NXTa into any AC outlet for 60 seconds to power the activecircuit for up to 16 hours of performance time. The instrument can then beplugged straight into any low or high impedance device, no direct boxnecessary. Since there is no signal loss over the full frequency spectrum ofthe instrument, the fundamentals of every note remain clear and strong, evenwith extra-long cables.
In Passive mode - the NXTa can beplayed using a direct box or an amplifier with high impedance input. (This modeprovides performance capabilities identical to the original NXT.)
A further benefit of the NXTa circuitry is "eco-friendliness" andconvenience. NXTa instruments are still “green” and battery-free, eliminatingthe hassle and cost of batteries while helping protect our environment.

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8 best electric violins 2016 - Friday, April 22, 2016
This is a very interesting link pointing out to a comparison of 8 best electric violins in 2016. The video shows instruments in a lower price value and includes brands NS Design, Cecilio, Kinglos and more...

This is a link for the video on YouTube:

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Art electric violins - Wednesday, April 20, 2016
Hi, it is great you are here to check this announcement. We would like to introduce a new line of Art electric violins. Of course, made in China. But we checked the violins at a music fair and were surprised by good craftsmanship and sound. We are working now to get a first small shipment to re-check about the quality and prepare the instruments for sale. There are many graphics available so we picked up just one for you to see... Like it or not, we will be happy to have your negative or positive feedback to our e-mail: So, do you like it or hate it???

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Special tuning bridge on NS Design violin - Monday, April 18, 2016

Fast and easy way to tune & exchange strings

The specially designed NS tuning bridge is integrated into the body behind the bridge, the patented NS Tuning System puts precision tuning right at your fingertips. The pitch stability is amazingly solid during and between sessions, and players often begin without having to tune at all.

The WAV violin, and every other NS violin (CR, NXT), is about more than professional performance.  It’s about freedom to create and explore, to play everything you can imagine, anywhere your music happens.

A link to check about string replacement online: