The NXT Series Goes Active and Stays Green!

It is our pleasure to announce the new NXTaActive series. This series represents the introduction of battery-free,high performance active electronics for the entire family of NXT instruments,including violin, viola, cello, Omni bass and double bass. Designed for NSDesign by Mi-Si Electronics, the new capacitor-powered custom circuitryintegrates with the NS Polar Pickup System to create a dual mode signal outputfor the NXTa, taking the convenience, versatility and extraordinary performancecapability of the NXT to an even higher level.
In Active mode - using the suppliedcharger, plug the NXTa into any AC outlet for 60 seconds to power the activecircuit for up to 16 hours of performance time. The instrument can then beplugged straight into any low or high impedance device, no direct boxnecessary. Since there is no signal loss over the full frequency spectrum ofthe instrument, the fundamentals of every note remain clear and strong, evenwith extra-long cables.
In Passive mode - the NXTa can beplayed using a direct box or an amplifier with high impedance input. (This modeprovides performance capabilities identical to the original NXT.)
A further benefit of the NXTa circuitry is "eco-friendliness" andconvenience. NXTa instruments are still “green” and battery-free, eliminatingthe hassle and cost of batteries while helping protect our environment.

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