Online jam session? It works!

Did you ever want to do a jam session with a friend online? Maybe you think that playing with someone online is impossible due to delays in the transfer of audio data. Low latency (few tens of milliseconds) destroys the joy of playing, because it simply does not fit. But it jam session online is possible. You do not need super speed internet connection or new generations of networks and hardware. It goes thanks to human ingenuity. Judge for yourself how it sounds. Jam session like this goes every day, probably even at this moment:

What is the secret of zero latency? Instead of fighting with milliseconds during transmission between the musicians went to the authors of the site the opposite direction – they use many seconds latency - all this! The length of phrases, BPM and the sequence of chords is set at the beginning. Just play with what the other players have played in the last loop in next loop teammates hear what you played and you play what he'll play in next loop. It's a little paranoid, but it works.
Client program can be downloaded from the Nijam site. You can see currently running sessions on the sessions farm list. All sessions are recorded and accessible to later listening .
From my own experience I know that it really works, and many participants in sessions are excellent players with professional equipment. The easiest setup of the client program was on Windows XP, which, unlike Vista and Windows 7 have not a problem with immediate listening to signal of instrument connected to the audio input, but that's another story.
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